“We are crazy about orchids. That is why we are so committed to the beauty and quality of the Phalaenopsis orchid - a commitment we put into practice each and every day.

Our passion is also reflected in the way we approach our customers. We cherish personal and open communication, and always strive to meet the needs and wishes of our exporters and end customers to the best of our ability.

Sustainability plays an important role in our methods and operational management. In other words, our ambition is to be as friendly as possible to the environment, nature and the climate. After all, everything we do today has an effect on the future.”

Managing Director
René Vissers

Maarel Facts

  • More than 110.000 Phalaenopsis per week

  • Cultivation cycle of approximately 45 weeks

  • 23 acres of glass

  • 8000 tables

  • 12 Robots

  • 8 Cranes

  • 15 km conveyor belts

  • Up to 50.000 top-quality Phalaenopsis orchids in stock

  • Capacity of 160.000 in our flowering greenhouse

  • 100 Employees